discord recap from jan07 2022 6.30pm UTC to jan10 8:30 UTC



  • @111v1ab prepared a google form for volunteers to fill out. this will help with forming proper working groups/teams. if you are interested in contributing regularly please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/75QHgUC5EZTReceK7


  • we are currently looking for people that want to help with fighting copyminters. at the moment copymint reports get dealt with on the old hicetnunc discord server by a very small team of volunteers. @bodhiposavac asked for help from our side and we also need to set up our own copymint report channel once we have a new marketplace contract in place. if you want to participate, please fill out the form mentioned above


  • the marketplace contract development ( @jagracar ) is making good progress: the new marketplace contract (v3) is currently being audited.

  • there is also a multsig wallet that @jagracar prepared for us and that is in the testing stages.


  • a PR team is currently forming in :coffee:pr-communication to improve the flow of info to the general public.

  • @UFFFD is developing a blog site for our community so we can publish more in depth news and articles. this might become the main site for outside communication. you can take a first look at the current state of the site here (WIP) : Blog - ufffd, hen-community, and you. contribute!